FAQ - Questions and Answers

Here we answer questions that have been asked us by customers or prospects. Insofar as this does not go beyond the possible scope, we will publish the questions and answers here. If you have any questions, please always check this FAQ database first. If your question is not listed, you can send us an email at: wolf@xpresscell-telco.com. We will be glad to answer the questions and if they are important to other users, they may also make the answers available to other customers. Your data (name, etc.) will of course remain anonymous.

No ... unfortunately this is currently not possible, as this platform acts exclusively as a wholesale source. However, an end customer platform is in preparation. Once we have completed this, you will find links and references on our website www.xpresscell-telco.com. Minimum order quantities are verified by the purchase value. We have set the net purchase value at 5,000 euros. This applies regardless of the number of devices. Net means that shipping costs will be charged additionally. Due to the fact that we ship worldwide only insured, there are no inclusive prices in our offers.

What does the statement mean that they are difficult to deliver to Europe?

This is related to the current legislation of the EU. From experience we know that the manufacturers (names we do not call!) Do everything to prevent the import of used or renewed devices. (Profit optimization) Therefore we do not take over guarantee with imports. Of course, devices also get to Europe, but only in the countries that handle the liberal. Unfortunately, we can not discuss further questions here in public. Of course, we also have European sources for smartphones. However, the choice is not nearly as extensive and varied as most equipment generally land in Asia for technical and financial reasons.

Where do the devices come from?

These devices mostly come from the US or Europe. Usually, these devices come from official sources, partly from the manufacturers themselves, as well as from recycling companies or withdrawals from network operators. Part of these devices will immediately be put back into circulation, provided that no major damage exists. The other part is professionally processed and renewed, or disassembled and recycled, unless a work-up is worthwhile. All devices are authentic! We pay close attention to the traceable history of each device. For the processing only original parts are used, no aftermarket copies. One of the reasons why these devices have 1 year warranty.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We work exclusively with bank transfer. We do not use payment providers like Paypal or others. Only providers such as Transferwise or World Remit are accepted. This has both technical, financial and organizational reasons. Basically, a payment on our German bank account has priority. Order Process:

We will send you after the order an official commercial invoice including shipping costs. The dispatch takes place after the bank acknowledged receipt of their payment

Are design devices also made from outdated smartphones?

Yes. Part of our design equipment is made from outdated equipment. Designs fall basically from the official manufacturer's warranty, as well as used or renewed devices that lose the claim for support from the manufacturer. Thus, it makes little sense for budget devices to use new devices that make the design unnecessarily expensive. Depending on availability, used or overhauled devices are used. Even if these devices are still active under the warranty of the manufacturer! (e.g., iPhone 7, 8+, etc.).

Design smartphones are generally excluded from the warranty by interfering with the original technical condition. New equipment is no exception. From this point of view, it is much cheaper to use a design smartphone from a repair, if available. With the guarantee, this makes no difference, on the contrary! For e.g. Apple devices may come with up to 3 years warranty and more at High Design. You do not get that from the manufacturer. Apart from that, the economic value can not be overlooked. An "R-Phone" costs not nearly as much as a new device. The functions are identical, because it is in the uterine sense an iPhone. And last but not least, we are also doing something for the environment....

Fake oder Original?

Since this question has been raised several times by customers:

The devices provided by our company are only original devices. We also attach great importance to the quality and the use of original parts. This has nothing to do with the locations in Asia. The equipment is repaired in Asia for economic reasons only. Nevertheless, caution is advised when buying Asian companies. In fact, there are not many companies that can rely on their statements. If they purchase equipment in Asia (China), there is a risk that they will be replaced with cheap or inferior components. Unfortunately, there is no reliable indicator for recognizing such offers. This requires on-site experience and knowledge of the market. What we can offer: Ask us if you are not sure. With over 10 years experience in China, we may have the knowledge to help you.

Device Refurbishment ?

The renewal of equipment is one of our main areas. Unlike some local companies from Asia, we attach great importance to a professional renewal with original parts. This affects both components, as well as motherboards. Damaged motherboards will not be repaired or reused. Devices with water damage, defective chips or completely destroyed devices will not be rebuilt, but will be sent for professional recycling. Every single process within the reconstruction is monitored and controlled

Packaging and labeling

In part, our devices still have the original box as in the first delivery. If this is no longer available, we deliver the devices HSO or in the respective packaging associated with the smartphone. These are identical packaging, but new. For design devices, we also use the white box or original version for delivery. Prominent and elaborate boxes made of wood or metal, we have only on explicit requests in the program. On the one hand, these packages make the smartphone unnecessarily expensive and, on the other hand, you finally want the phone and no painted box, even if that looks nice, it will ultimately be just another dust catcher. The markings on the packaging are by the respective manufacturer, as far as original boxes are concerned. For design packaging or equipment that we receive without packaging, the devices receive our own labels. This also has no effect on the warranty or service, but only serves the assignment.